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Medical Writing vs. Academic Writing: What’s the Difference?

Medical Writing vs. Academic Writing: What’s the Difference? Medical writing and academic writing are two distinct forms of professional writing used for different purposes and audiences. While both are used to communicate information, there are some key differences between the two that set them apart. Understanding these differences is important for writers who work in the fields of medicine and academia, as well as for anyone who needs to distinguish between the two or is considering a career change.   Medical Writing: The Purpose Medical writing is used to communicate information about health and medicine to a general audience. This audience can

The anatomy of a needs assessment

The anatomy of a needs assessment Maintaining professional competence is critical for medical professionals. All licensed healthcare providers (physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, etc.) must earn credits continuously to maintain their professional licenses. These credits are earned by completing certain accredited continuing educational (CE or CME) programs. Continuing medical education aims to impact clinical impact and improve patient outcomes.  Needs assessments are conventionally used to analyze the deficiencies of a healthcare provider’s knowledge, confidence, or competence in a given therapeutic area. A needs assessment is effectively both an outcome and a process. Medical writers often play a critical role in developing needs assessments.

Six reasons for hiring a professional medical writer

Six reasons for hiring a professional medical writer By Rebecca Tadokera| 31 October 2022 When I first learned about medical writing, I could not understand how it differed from ghostwriting. It made no sense to me why anyone would hire someone else to write their paper or grant application! Now that I have worked as a medical writer for a while, I can attest to the value and benefits of working with a professional medical writer. Medical writing is still an obscure profession. I often get asked by ex-colleagues in academia about what kind of writing I do as a medical writer.